Woman Makes A Prom Dress Absolutely Out Of Gum Wrappers


Most Teenagers love going for proms and Prom is considered one of the most important milestones in a teenager’s life. For many, it is the last year of adolescence. Some people may even be moving out of their hometowns or countries to pursue their education elsewhere.

Whatever your plans may be, prom helps to celebrate all the wonderful memories of high school before you and your friends each take your own paths to a bright future.

An impressive amount of time, money, and thought goes into the planning and execution of the much-anticipated prom night. From elaborate prom proposals to stunning gowns, nothing is spared for the preparation of this big day.

One junior high school student, Elizabeth Rasmuson, had a plan for her prom dress that required months of planning and a lot of creativity. But, as you’ll see, the final product was well worth it.

In 2010, Elizabeth was only a junior in high school, but she was already thinking about her prom dress. To put her plan into action, she began purchasing a lot of 5 Gum – a brand of chewing gum that comes individually wrapped.

She generously offered her stash of gum to friends and family while keeping the wrappers for herself.

When she had finally collected enough of the wrappers, it was time to put her prom dress together. That’s right – she made her dress out of gum wrappers.


The first step was to design the pattern for her dress. According to Elizabeth, that part of the process did not take all that long. The most time-consuming task was flattening each and every one of the delicate wrappers and carefully cutting off the ends.


She made sure to have enough wrappers to make a matching vest for her boyfriend and prom date, Jordan.

The dress was made using both iron-on interfacing and quilting techniques. Then, it was coated in a vinyl finish to keep the piece together.

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Although a lot of time and money was spent on this project, the results were well worth it.

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