1,300 Teens Think Its Just An Ordinary School Day, Then See Their Lockers Are Covered In Notes

In elementary school, Valentine’s Day is a holiday most kids look forward to you get cards from all your classmates, talk about love, and usually eat some candy.

By middle school, most of the excitement surrounding Valentine’s Day has worn off. People feel awkward about having crushes and want to keep any romantic feelings hidden from everyone, even their friends.

In high school, some people start celebrating Valentine’s Day with their boyfriends and girlfriends, but single students often feel left out and uncomfortable on the love-focused day.

One high school student recognized that many of herclassmates don’t really like Valentine’s Day, so she decided to do something about it. She decided to make Valentine’s cards for every single person at her school students, teachers, and staff.

Starting in September, the student, who chose to stay anonymous,began making origami hearts, keeping it a secret from everyone. She wanted people to be truly surprised when Valentine’s Day came around.

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In September, a student at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio, hatched a Valentine’s Day plan that would take her months to complete.

She decided to make about1,300 origami hearts one for every person at her school to surprise them on Valentine’s Day.


Katherine Weaver, Troy High School’s principal, was stunned at the student’s dedication and spirit.

Katherine noticed the student and a group of helpers walkingthe halls hours before school started, taping hearts to every locker.


In addition to putting a heart on every locker, the student also stuffed teacher and staff members’ mailboxes.

Every heart was hand-folded with a handwritten note on it. The note said, “You are loved.”


Katherine said the student had a calendar where she calculated out how many hearts she would need to make each day.

Until she hung the hearts in the hallway on the morning of Valentine’s Day, nobody knew she was doing this not even her parents.

She kept the hearts hidden in her closet, and she didn’t take them out until February 14.


Teachers, staff members, students, and parents were all stunned by the incredible act of kindness.

And Katherine, who has worked in the school district for 10 years, says she’s never seen anything like it.


Valentine’s Day can be hard for many people, especially if they don’t have anyone to celebrate with, so this student’s actions were well-received by everyone.

Additionally, since high school is a challenging time for so many students, these hearts were an incredible reminder that no matter what they’re going through, someone loves them.


If you’re blown away by this student’s incredibly kind gesture,

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