13 Genius Ways To Transform And Reuse Old Plastic Bags

Most of us probably have a hefty stash of plastic bags in our homes. You might keep them stored in your pantry closet or under the sink, but chances are they’realways looming somewhere.

While thiscan be useful for taking your lunch to work or cleaning up your cat’s litter box, there are plenty of more creative ways to reuse plastic bags!

The simple projects below all give plastic bags a beautiful new life by using a variety of methods, like weaving them into adorable accessories or even fusing them with an iron to create a sturdy yet pliable fabric.

Take a look and you’ll totally be inspired to dig into your pile of plastic bags to create something amazing with your own two hands.

Have you tried any of theseways to reuse plastic bags before? Or did we miss another genius idea you’ve attempted?

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Thumbnail sources: Flickr / Keng Susumpow,EvelynGiggles

1. Fashion A Bracelet


Hanna fromMake for 365created these delightful bangles by slicing strips of the plastic bags and twisting them tightly before weaving them like a friendship bracelet.

2. Make A Purse


Instructables useremattrose used a regular clothing iron to fuse thin plastic bags together for this durable, waterproof, and downright adorable no-sew purse.

3. Craft Some Tennis Shoes


This quirky take on low-tops by Instructables userneeebs is perfect for old shoes that still have solid soles but need an upgrade on the upper section.

After taking apart the shoe, use the old fabric to trace a patternfor your plastic, then fuse it, and reattach to the sole using superglue.

4. Braid A Basket


Jessy Ratfink from Making Jiggy explains that this project requires no crocheting or knitting skills. Instead,braid the bags into a rope and handsew the layers to keep them connected as it builds up.

5. Craft A Lampshade


The crafty lady over atLindaRose Design used cardboard for the base of this ruffled lamp and simply stacked loose swatches of plastic bag onto skewers for the shade, before placing a light inside. You obviously have to bevery careful when putting plastic near a warm bulb, so be sure to use an LED light that won’t get hot enough to melt things.

6. Make Decorative Flowers


Instructables usermegananne embraced an origami vibe for this super easy project that would look adorable scattered on a wall or used as twinkle light covers.

7. Design A Tote Bag


Omaria Murray used a CD to measure her circles before fusing them together as a tote, adding braided plastic bags as the handles.

8. Fuse Together A Hoodie


Instructables userimrobot was inspired by a disappointing hoodie letting him down on a particularly rainy day. He used fused plastic to create his own much more weatherproof design.

9. Weave A Dress


This award-winning dress and matching bag were created by Instructables userkatvanlew for her daughter to modelin the 2009 Santa Fe Recycle Art Trashion Show, earning third place with the creative weaving skills!

10. Braid A Rug


Instructables user walkerbarb used the same braiding technique as the basket from above, but fused the whole thing together by ironing the back with wax paper.

11. Craft Some Earrings


That’s right, these gorgeous turquoise earrings were originally plastic bags that Instructables usersv7815 fused into fabric and layered onto metal earring wires you can find at craft stores.

12. Make A Necklace


The same user created a cute necklace to go with her earrings, layering circles of fused plastic onto wire and attaching a clasp.

13. Build An Outdoor Swing


It might look flimsy, but this woven swing was tested with 220-pounds and remained strong and is a cozy way to enjoy the outdoors!

Have you triedany of these projects or found another amazing way to transform old plastic bags?

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