Google ramped up its Motion Stills app so you can fix your janky Live Photos

You can thank Google for making Apple's Live Photos way better.
Image: google

Google Motion Stills is a must-have app for iPhone fans with troves of Live Photos and it just got even better.

The image editor already makes Live Photos less jarring by stabilizing shaky background movement and focusing on the motion at the center of an image’s frame. It also converts the pics to more socially shareable formats, converting them to GIFs and videos by weaving multiple Live Photos into one seamless animated image.

A new update is giving iOS users even more options to improve their moving pics. Google just amped up the app’s editing tools, which should give users improved color depth and better stabilization.

Just check out how those colors pop.

Image: google

But the update isn’t just about making your Live Photos prettier. The motion text tracking feature, which lets you tack on moving words to your pics, also got a tune up to improve its accuracy.

You’ll also be able to export your newly edited files in the original Live Photo format, which means you won’t have to send your friends GIFs or videos of your newly perfected pics in iMessage. That way, they’ll still be able to use 3D Touch to spring them into action, rather than being bombarded by a looping GIF or a play button for a video.

Possibly the biggest new addition, though, is the ability to choose the best frame of a Live Photo when you export it. The pics are composed of multiple frames but only one of them is displayed as the still form of the image when it’s stored in your phone’s camera roll.

Just choose the best frame by sliding to the right spot.

Image: Google motion stills/screenshot

Now, you can find the best angle within the shot and set it as the default which is a relief for anyone caught in the middle of a blink in an otherwise stellar pic.

If you have an iPhone and you haven’t downloaded Motion Stills, do yourself a favor and go do that now. Your awkward, soon-to-be fixed Live Photos will thank you for it.

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