Stamp Carving Basics // Block Printing How-To // DIY Rubber Stamps

Stamp Carving Basics // Block Printing How-To // DIY Rubber Stamps- Today I will show you how to card your own rubber stamps using supplies in the June Smart Art Box.

Lino cutting tool set
Waterbased Speedball printing ink
Strathmore postcards
Soft rubber brayer
Soft carving block

Also recommended: Scrap paper for testing prints, tile or scrap plastic for a palette, baby wipes/paper towel and spray bottle of water for cleaning, ball point pen

1. Sketch or transfer your design on the soft carving block.
2. Working from largest tools to smallest remove a layer of rubber around your design. Use the smaller tools for details.
3. Clean the plate and ink it up with your brayer and pull a test print.
4. Carve away any areas you don't want to print.
5. Clean the plate and make as many prints as you like.

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