DIY Macrame Pendant

Ready or Knot

Macrame around a pendant light, its cord, or both using a basic square knot repeated at intervals to get different effects. The process isn’t difficult; it just takes some time. Plan on six hours to make one pendant — a great weekend project. For safety, use an LED bulb that’s 2.5 watts or less.


  • Lightbulb cage
  • Cording or Yarn — Cotton-Nylon Blend, Braided Cotton Rope, Garden Cotton Twine, Paracord, or Cotton Yarn
  • Scissors

Start With a Bulb Cage

Inexpensive lightbulb cages are the framework for our macrame pendants. They fit most bulb sockets, attaching with two screws.

Tip: Set the cage on the neck of a bottle so you can easily rotate it as you macrame.

Cut and Attach Cords to Cage

Measure height of bulb cage and multiple by nine. Cut cord this length; fold in half. Attach cord to pendant by wrapping folded end around top rim of cage and pulling loose ends through loop. Continue cutting and tying on cords until ring is full of an even number of knots.

As the pendant increases in size, adjust tightness of knot accordingly. Once finished, knot at the bottom of the frame and trim excess cords.


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