This Dad Built His Little Boy An Adorable DIY Fire Truck

As a kid, I played with a lot of store-bought toys. As a result, my bedroom was always strewn with thousands of dolls and mismatched puzzle pieces.

But of all my toys, my favorites were thoseI fashioned myself: a cardboard box turnedairplane; an old shoe imagined as aspace ship; my mom’s old dresses worn ascostumes for my one-woman show…

Considering we live in a time when it’s easier than ever to buy toys and gadgets for kids, building something imaginative, all by hand, is an incredible gift likethis play oven made from an old entertainment center.

That’s why, when I saw this adorable DIY fire truck made by Imgur user “firetruckguy,” I totally melted. This is definitely the kind of home-spun toy I would have loved as a kid!

As this fun DIY project demonstrates, with just a few simple supplies and a couple hours, you can create an amazing toy and even more incrediblememories!

Let us know what you think of this adorable handmade toy in the comments below!

To build this incredible project, this dad started with his base materials: 2×4’s and a ton of plywood.


Then he framed the base.


Next, he covered the base with some plywood.


He framed the first side, then added 1/4 inch plywood.


He repeated the same with the second side.


Afterwards, he added plywood to the front and made a little cab.


Then he added little seats!


To finish, he sanded, primed, and added a first coat of paint. He built the side ladders out of 2×1 inch stakes.


Lastly, he added some paint detailing, cheap lights, a steering wheel, and a tiny little bell!


When he was finished, he shared this adorable picture of his son thoroughly enjoying the finished product. This is one present this little boy will cherish for years to come!


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