DIY Decoupage Coffee Container Utensil Holder

Are you are a busy mom? I bet it is hard to find time for yourself! I love to relax with a cup of @folgers Simply Gourmet coffee from @walmart, and make a craft, like this DIY Decoupage Coffee Container Utensil Holder #ad

I am a mom who feels a bit overwhelmed a good amount of the time. Can you relate? Please tell me you do! I love being a stay/work at home mom, don’t get me wrong. It can be a lot to juggle when you are running a household. You wear a lot of hats, right? Chef, janitorial engineer, nurse, teacher, financial analyst and recreational activities director. You get the picture. If I don’t carve out some “me” time, I may go a bit crazy!

I have two times a day I set aside for myself. When I get up, before the house begins to stir and later in the afternoon. In the morning, I love to sit on the deck and enjoy a cup of coffee, some fruit or yogurt and write in my gratitude journal.

In the afternoon, before it is time to make dinner, I like to relax by doing a crafty project. This week, I am working on a super cute DIY Decoupage Coffee Container Utensil Holder!

DIY Decoupage Coffee Container Utensil Holder coffee

My brand of coffee I have enjoyed for years is Folgers. It is the coffee my mom drank. It is the first coffee I ever tried. I will admit, I have tried other brands in the past. But, I always come back to my old standby! I have not found another brand that has the rich aroma and flavor I get from Folgers. And I have discovered their latest line at my local Walmart in the coffee aisle. Their NEW Folgers Simply Gourmet coffee line has four delicious flavors. You can choose from Caramel, Chocolate, Cinnamon and Vanilla.

DIY Decoupage Coffee Container Utensil Holder coffee outside

I love to mix it up and have a different one each day. Or, I will combine two flavors, like the Chocolate and Cinnamon. So good! It is so relaxing to sit outside while I listen to the birds chirping. And then sip on one of the delicious Folgers Simply Gourmet coffees. When I drink my Folgers Classic Roast Coffee, I add a bit of sweetener and creamer. With the NEW Folgers Simply Gourmet coffees, I don’t need to add a thing! I want those natural flavors to shine through!

DIY Decoupage Coffee Container Utensil Holder coffee inside

When I am setting up my supplies to make a craft, I like to include a small cup of coffee. It goes hand in hand with my “me” time! I have found I enjoy a cup of the NEW Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Vanilla flavor. It satisfies my sweet tooth I tend to get around that afternoon “slump!” 


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