Monsters Nearly Kill Sweet Bait Dog, Now Strangers Are Sending Love From Around The World

As horrific and barbaric as it is, dog-fighting is still a thing. It’s illegal, but that doesn’t stop criminals from turning dogs, often abused ones, on each other for “sport.”

It’s truly terrible and inhuman, but luckily, there are plenty of organizations and volunteers cracking down on this awful practice and rescuing dogs from lives of pain, misery, and brutality.

Dogs rescued from fighting rings can, with some help, be rehabilitated and go on to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. But some, like Abigail, need a little extra support.

Abilgail is a pit bull mix who was used not as a fighter, but rather as a “bait dog.” As a result, her face was mangled and she was all but missing one whole ear. She arrived at the Miami-Dade Animal Services office in November looking like she might not make it.

She was taken in by Love Is Fur Ever (LIFE) Dog Rescue, and, with the help of the local veterinarians atPets First Wellness Center, Abilgail was put on the road to recovery.

The first thing she needed was something to cover the wound on the side of her head, keeping it safe from infection and irritation, so volunteers began knitting her bonnets in all kinds of styles. After all, if you’re going to wear a hat, it might as well be stylish.

While most dogs don’t care for fashion, Abigail seemed to really like the hats from the get-go. Maybe they provided comfort and a feeling of security over her injury. And as her story and the pictures of her wearing the little hats spread, her bonnet collection started growing as more and more hats were sentfrom all over the world.

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When Abigail arrived at the Miami-Dade Animal Services center in November, she was in very bad shape.

“The whole entire side of her face was missing,” said Victoria Frazier of Love Is Fur Ever (LIFE) Dog Rescue. “Her skin tissue was hanging. Most of her ear was gone.”

Abigail had been used as a “bait dog” in an illegal dog-fighting ring, which means she was used to goad other dogs into aggression.

Abigail was rescued from her brutal life when the fighting ring was raided. When found, she was anemic and infested with ticks.

Her injuries had also not been cared for. “Maybe another day or two and she probably would have passed from being septic,because her injuries were at least a week or two old,” Frazier said.

She needed her bandages changed daily. To keep them on snugly, Frazier and the other rescuers started outfitting her in little knit headbands and Abigail seemed to like them.

“She’s going to wear those probably for the rest of her life,” Frazier says of the headbands. So they figured, why not have some fun? “We kind of made a little thing out of it,” Frazier says.

Frazier started sharing photos of Abigail in her bonnets, and soon kindhearted souls from all over the world were sending in handmade headwear for Abigail.

Abigail’s road to recovery isn’t over, and she’s been living at the clinic as she regains her strength. She’s also starting to reveal her true personality as a happy, loving dog.

However, she still needs one more surgery to repair her missing ear.

When she recovers, she’ll be looking for a forever home. In the meantime, she’s racking up quite the hat collection. Besides hats, people are also sending her treats and toys.

“We get many people saying they look forward to her posts every day, and that Abigail has restored their faith in humanity,” Frazier said.

And just how many hats has Abigail collected? She has more than 50, with additional onesarriving at the rescue all the time.

Which means she’ll never be without something to wear, no matter the season or occasion.

And when she moves into her forever home, she’ll of course be taking her wardrobe with her.

Even when she goes au naturel, Abigail is becoming the happy, confident dog she was always meant to be.

Keep up with her latest styles on Facebook, and you can also pitch in for her final operation on her GoFundMe (a warning, this page has some graphic images of Abigail’s original injuries). If you knit, crochet, or sew, you can also send her a handmade hat. Just inquire on the Facebook page for details.

You can also learn how to stamp out dog-fighting by checking out what the Humane Society says about it, andSHARE this story to show just how much difference a little love and fashion can make!

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