Is Boob Sweat Normal? 8 Things Women Should Know About Sweating Under There

As the weather finally starts to warm up again, most people are thrilled about the sun, warmth, and lighter clothes.

One of the problems with warmer weather, though, is that it means you have to deal with being sweaty.

For most people, a quick swipe of deodorant under the arms saves us from smelly sweat, but it doesn’t stop the sweat around the rest of the body.

Many of us don’t sweat much elsewhere, but on particularly hot days we have to deal with sweaty feet, sweaty backs of knees, sweaty foreheads, sweaty backs, and sweaty necks.

But undoubtedly the worst of all? Boob sweat.

We all know how it feels to be out enjoyingthe hot sun only to realize we have beads of sweat dripping down the area between our breasts.

It’s uncomfortable and icky, and the sweat pools into your bra and just sits there being wet and gross.

It’s no fun at all, but there are lots of solutions to combat dreaded boob sweat.

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Is Boob Sweat Normal?


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Boob sweat is completely normal. Almost all of us experience boob sweat at some point. And the bigger the boobs, the more sweat there is.

The problem with boob sweat is not just the annoying half-circles that appear on your bra and shirt the problem is the chafing, rashes, and icky smell.

How Can I Get Rid Of Boob Sweat?


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And while boob sweat isdefinitely annoying (and sometimes painful and smelly), it’s nothing to get too upset about.

There are lots of simple solutions for dealing with boob sweat.

Boob Sweat Solution #1: Apply Deodorant


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Putting deodorant under and around your breasts might seem silly, but antiperspirants are meant to stop sweat wherever it may be on your body.

Next time you put deodorant on your underarms, go ahead and swipe a little beneath your boobs as well.

Boob Sweat Solution #2: Use Baby Powder


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Absorbing powders, like talcumpowder andcornstarch (both often used in baby powder), are great at preventing chafing and soaking up sweat.

Make sure you dry out the area fully before adding any powder to the area.

Boob Sweat Solution #3: Grab A Pad


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This might sound the craziest of all, but putting pantyliners or pads in your bra can help soak up the sweat that might build up in the bottom of your bra.

While some girls swear by putting tissues in their bras to deal with boob sweat, Cosmopolitanexplains thatpantyliners are more discreet and stay in place.

Boob Sweat Solution #4: Use Argan Oil


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OneBustlewriter swears by using argan oil to relieve her boob sweat. She didn’t believe it would work at first, but she was stunned with the results when she tried it.

Using a few drops of the oil, she spread it under her boobs and in her cleavage.

The itchiness and irritation she had been feeling from the sweat was instantly calmed, and over the next few days she realized that the sweat, smell, and rashes were all gone.

Boob Sweat Solution #5: Try Foot Cream


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This is another one I never would have considered on my own, but foot cream actually really makes sense to use for boob sweat.

Foot creams, which are typically used for athlete’s foot, keep the fungi and yeast to a minimum, which helps relieve itchiness and irritation, explains Vita Dermatology and Laser Institute.

Boob Sweat Solution #6: Swap To A Summer Bra


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You might already do this without thinking about it, but switching to a “summer bra” can greatly impact the amount of boob sweat you have to deal with.

Bras that are tight, padded, or lacy will leave your breastsfeeling constricted, uncomfortable, and sweaty.

Instead,Metro explains you should go for something more breathable, like a bralette with no underwire, or a simple cotton bandeau.

Boob Sweat Solution #7: Cover It Up


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A great solution for sweat anywhere? Wearing black.

Gurl explains that black hides sweat better than any other color, so it’s a great solution when you know that you’re going to sweat through your shirt.

Boob Sweat Solution #8: Just Go Braless!


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Since the best way to keep your breasts sweat-free is to let them breathe, one thing you can consider doing is going braless all day long.

Like switching to a summer bra, ditching bras altogetherwill give your breasts a chance to air out, especially if you wear loose, flowing clothing.

Metroexplains thatsince your bra soaks up a lot of sweat, you might be surprised to find sweat patches on your shirt when you go without a bra.

Are there any great boob sweat solutions we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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