Iowa Teen Makes Awesome Prom Dress From Gum Wrappers

Back in 2010, Elizabeth Rasmuson was in her junior year of high school and gearing up for the biggest night of the year: the prom. But instead of going the traditional route with her prom dress, the Iowa teen decided to take a major risk and put her reputation on the line. Rasmuson not only made her own prom gown, but she made it using nothing but chewing gum wrappers.

Her reasoning for making the dress was simple. She heard about someone who made a dress out of duct tape, and she also liked the colors of the ‘Five’ gum brand. It was all Rasmuson needed to start collecting gum, handing it out to her friends and family, and keeping the wrappers for her ultimate creation. And not only did the determined teen spend hours on her own outfit, but she also made a special piece of clothing so her boyfriend would perfectly match.

A gum wrapper prom dress may sound strange at first, but trust me… the result is way more stunning than I imagined.

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In 2010, a junior high school student in Iowa, ElizabethRasmuson, chose to makeher own prom dress and she did sousing nothing but ‘Five’ brand chewing gum wrappers.

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First, Rasmuson made a pattern for the dress, but she said the most time-consuming part of theprocess wasflattening all of the wrappers and cutting off the ends.

She then used a combination of iron-on interfacing and quilting before topping the dress off with a vinyl finish to prevent cracking.

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“I heard about somebody making a dress out of duct tape or something one time so I just was like what’s something cool and I’ve always liked the colors of the ‘Five’ gum,” she told The Associated Press.

With the help of her boyfriend, Jordan, Rasmusoncollected specific colors of the gum, doled it out to friends and kept the wrappers in a safe place. The dress is comprised of so many wrappers that she lost track after 200.

Taking her prom look an extra step further, Rasmuson even created a matching vest for Jordan.

The couple was all smiles as they headed off to prom in their unique creations.

Elizabeth’s mother, Dawn,was impressed that her daughter was so willing to put herself out there and really stand out… especially with an event as special as prom.

“In today’s world, a lot of the girls are just worried about fitting in and being like the next girl,” she said.


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