Needlepoint – Stitching Up the Stem

Learn the best technique to stitch up the stem for your Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kit.

Before proceeding with custom needlepoint printing you should think about the following:

(1) Is your digital image large enough to be printed and stitched? You cannot take a 150 x 150 pixel image and enlarge it to 600 x 600 pixels without distorting the image so much it is not stitch-able.

(2) Do you own the image or artwork? Copyright laws apply with custom needlepoint printing!

(3) What size needlepoint canvas mesh would work best i.e. how detailed is the image and does it need to be on 18 mesh in order to bring out all the features when it is stitched?

(4) There should be a central object that the picture features. Avoid a picture that has a lot of background “noise”. If the image you are custom needlepoint printing is a digital one, you or the printer might be able to use editing software, if necessary, to make changes to the photograph and improve it for printing and stitching.
Color images tend to work better than black and white ones, and they are much easier to stitch.

(5) Try to avoid pictures with a lot of dark colors as they do not print as well and they are harder to stitch.

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