The Summer Is Almost Here! Make Some Furniture To Enjoy It In Your Backyard

If all you want to do this summer is this…

Or perhaps this…

Then you’re not alone.

I just want someplace where I can soak in some sun with a few friends. There’s just one problem — I don’t have any outdoor furniture! Considering that it’s too late to buy a patio set without paying a ridiculous amount, I thought, why not build something myself? If you’re in the same boat, crafting your own outdoor furniture isn’t as hard as it sounds.

1. You can make a pergola in just 10 steps!

2. Use a block of wood and some solar lights for beautifully simple lighting.

3. This bare-bones pallet sectional is perfect if you want something fast but don’t want to skimp on style.

4. Throw an old mattress on a stack of pallets and you’ve got a beautiful couch and side table.

5. This adorable daybed is easier to make than you think.

6. If you don’t have room for a garden, bring the plants to your patio furniture with this piece!

7. You barely need any tools for this pallet and mattress swing.

8. Make a snazzy bench out of cinder blocks and pieces of wood.

9. This Murphy bar requires some knowledge of woodworking, but it’s well worth the effort in the end!

eHow / Rachel Pereira

10. For a simpler version, grab some cinder blocks, throw some plants inside, and top them off with a piece of wood.

11. You can quickly whip up this mosaic tiled table using an old one you don’t want anymore.

12. Or, try your hand at a wood crate coffee table for a more rustic look.

13. Bring an old, ugly lawn chair back to life with this macrame update!

14. Speaking of chairs, this one is made out of white birch logs.

15. Fill an outdoor corner up with this beautifully simple daybed DIY.

16. Here’s an easy way to make a totally customizable outdoor hammock.

17. But if you don’t have enough space for the real deal, this hammock chair is the next best thing.

18. This fire pit is easy to make and lovely to sit around making s’mores.

19. Turn an old tire into a new, outdoor-friendly ottoman.

Well, there you have it. Time to get outside, start crafting, and enjoy your hard work with a nice lemonade!

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