Learn – DIY Macrame Curtain

I am no macrame expert but I’m going to show you my attempt at a DIY macrame curtain for my window. I say attempt because I wish I was an expert at these since I feel like mine looks a little …well, not as good as I wanted it to. The cool thing about this is you can use it as a macrame wall hanging, a room divider and a backdrop for a photo booth. Thank you for all your continuous support, on the next video I will be announcing a giveaway! I am gathering all the materials still and don’t want to show you guys until it’s perfect! Happy Wednesday you beautiful babes xx.

W H A T Y O U ‘ L L N E E D . . .
-Macrame cord – I legit used 200 yards (four spools of cord from Michael’s) for a 52 inches wide x 52 inches high window so PLEASE buy more than you need and return it when you don’t use it. WAY easier than five million trips to the craft store like I did
-Wooden dowel or pipe from hardware store the width of your window
-Two nails
-Two hooks

My dowel was 60" long so I had some space to add stuff on the ends.

I measured out 30 individual macrame strange that were roughly 120 inches long then folded them in half and grouped them by twos to create 15 "groups" on the dowel to work with.

You can get creative and add beads, metallic tape, different colored string or you can dye the whole thing! I left mine white because when I remove those pumpkins at the end of November – I am OVERLOADING it with greenery and that will be my main pop of color.

Music // Black & Kytt – “Deniro"

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