15 Pieces Of Home Decor That Anyone Who Lived Through The 70s Will Remember

When you think back to the 1970s, your mind probably wanders to huge bell-bottomed jeans and delightful disco dancing.

Of course, the boisterous era also made its mark inside folks’ homes with vibrant and sometimes questionable design choices that became popular for bachelor pads and family homes alike.Though I wasn’t alive at the time, I have always loved looking at photos of my parents’ first home and how it was filled with strange color combinations, thick carpeting, and other fun trends that swept through the interiors of pretty much every house.

While we most likely prefer tolet the nostalgic options listed below remain stuck in the past, it’s always fascinating to see just how much things have changed or evolved over the years.

Scroll through belowfor a trip downmemory lane, and be sure to let us know in the comments if we forgot your favorite decor from the decade.

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1. Shag Carpets


Chances are this was the first thing that came to your mind when you thought about homes back in the 1970s, but the quintessential style didn’t last long past the decade.

2. Linoleum Floors


Specifically, flooring with patterns like the one above or color-blocking were all the rage. Unfortunately, they also often hid toxic asbestos.

3. Wood-Paneled Walls


Thanks to the lingering hippie movement, this natural look became standard for every room in the house.

4. Avocado-Colored Everything


For some reason, this sickly shade of green became the most popular option,especially for kitchens and bathrooms.

5. Macram Potted-Plant Holders


You’d be hard pressed to find a home without at least one of these twisted twine accents hanging around, whether they were woven by their owners or purchased in one of the oddly beloved owl designs.

6. Geometric-Patterned Wallpaper


I can only imagine how dizzying it must have been to walkinto a home that combined this eye-popping trend from the era with the linoleum floor options.

7. Indoor Wicker Chairs


The peacock design above was found in most homes looking toembrace a bohemian style.

8. Bright-Orange Accents


The bright hue was another popular option, along with the avocado shade. This colorful combination was often found side-by-side.

9. Foil Wallpaper


This reflective trend was considered the “classier” take on patterned wallpaper back in the day.

10. Carpeted Bathroom Floors


I don’t know about you, but the idea of all that steam from a shower (and other bathroom activities)settling into the fibers of a carpet definitely makes me glad we stopped this particular style from the past.

11. Bean Bag Chairs


After breaking onto the furniture scene in the mid-1960s, oversized bean bags were all the rage in the ’70s for comfy seating around the house, before becoming more of a novelty in later decades.

12. Floating Staircases


Families embraced “open-plan”living arrangements with split-level living rooms andoptical illusion staircases like the kind found onTheBrady Bunch.

13. Wet Bars


House parties grew in popularity during the decade, so naturally families embraced the perfect way to keep drinks flowing by installing these in their living rooms and basements.

14. Faux-Fur Upholstery


The emphasis on a natural, bohemian style ventured all the way to folks’ couches and chairs with these fuzzy furniture options.

15. Lava Lamps


After hitting the market in the late 1960s, these groovy lamps could be found lighting up countless bedrooms before fading away at the start of the ’80s.

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