He Turns Some Wood Into The Perfect Gift For His Favorite Teacher

As we send our little ones back to school, it’s easy to forget what it was like to be a student ourselves, and how much our teachers impacted our lives.

I’ve been lucky enough to have encountered some truly incredible teachers. In fact, I still keep in touch with a few of mine – even as an adult.

How can we fully express our gratitude to those important educators who shaped our childhoods? You could do it with a big gesture, like these studentswhogave their former elementary schoolteachers the surprise of a lifetimewhen they returned to express their thanks as high school seniors.

But when I saw what one young man builtfor hisfavorite teacher (and beautiful girlfriend), I almost burst into tears! This Imgur user wanted his favorite person’s year to start off just right, so he constructed an adorable DIY classroom podium to encourage her to “teach in style!”

Let’s see how our crafty Imgur user transformed a few pieces of wood into something truly amazing for the special teacher in his life…

To begin putting together his special gift, he picked up some plywood from the hardware store.


Next, using a standard saw, he cut the various shapes he’d need: pieces for the inside and outside of the podium, along with a few pieces to keep papers in place.


Then he made cuts along the larger piece with a jigsaw, using a piece of string to make sure his cuts were perfectly straight.


Our craftsman double-checked to ensure all his measurements were accurate.


Once everything was assembled, he glued a final piece to hold papers making sure everything stayed in place.


He shared the final product, completely assembled.


Right before painting, he made sure to sand the whole thing down, creating a smooth and even surface.


Finally, he added this gorgeous paint job, a kid-friendly combo of white and turquoise, using painter’s tape to create the stripes!


When he was finished, his girlfriend had a lovely new podium from which to educate her little students and a wonderful gift from the heart!


What do you think of this kind gift he made for his girlfriend? Let us know in the comments below!

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