Jewelry Making: Wire Wrapping for Beginners – Class Teaser / Promo!

Jewelry Making: Wire Wrapping for Beginners
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Whether you're an absolute beginner or have dabbled in a bit of jewelry making before, this course will teach you from start to finish to create the jewelry that you and your friends will be dying to wear!

Wire Wrapping for Beginners is an in-depth course taught by a professional jewelry designer. It's a complete guide to making wire wrapped jewelry for beginners and for anyone who wants to brush up on and perfect their wire wrapping technique.

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"★★★★★ Great course for jewelry making beginners!

I feel this course was the perfect start to my new jewelry-making hobby (and hopefully future small business). The instructor created the course with a logical scope and sequence. Even a beginner can experience success. Her videos are just the right length, she speaks clearly, and she encourages her students. Best of all, while you work through the course, you are creating jewelry you can wear right away."

~ Lisa P.

"★★★★★ Thank you Thank you!!!

I have wanted to learn how to do wire work for some time. Even after taking a beginners class at my local bead shop and following Utube videos I struggled and gave up. When I found Jessica's course I decided to give it one more try. Right from the beginning, everything was very well explained and being able to see the work so close was exactly what I wanted. Thank you Jessica. I'm having so much fun now! I'll be ready for more real soon."

~ Jeani D.

"★★★★★ Loved it!

As a total beginner I was afraid that wire wrapping would be too hard, but this course makes it so easy! Some of the projects seem pretty advanced but if you start at the beginning and go through the steps they will make sense when you get there. Jessica is a great teacher! I can't believe I can make my own jewelry. I'm so excited!"

~ Margaret S.

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