Xbox’s onesie will keep you comfy AF during marathon game sessions

Xbox have designed a onesie for gamers who value comfort over looking funny.
Image: xbox

If you’re knee deep into a FIFA sesh or your palms are sweaty from too much Call of Duty, you’d at least want the rest of your body to be comfy, right?

Now there is a piece of clothing that aims to be the gold class in comfort for gamers: The Xbox Onesie, which has just been revealed in Australia.

Image: xbox

While it has all the essential ingredients of a onesie such as a hood and sleek all-body design that you can wriggle around in, there are additional bells and whistles for the discerning gamer.

Take the enlarged pockets. Designed for your controllers and remotes, there’s also an arm pouch for your phone, because no-one like the feeling of sitting down with a phone in their front pocket. There’s also forearm grips so you don’t have to fear slipping off your leather arm rests at a crucial moment.

Image: xbox

Of course, you’d want to make the onesie your own. Fear not! It comes with custom gamertag embroidery.

What will this onesie cost and where can you get it? While Xbox are yet to release any details on availability, it looks like it might only be available in Australia as a limited edition piece, meaning that you may have to run like the wind to get your hands on it.

Image: xbox

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