She Coats A Pumpkin With Glue Her Next Step Turns Into Something Awesome For Halloween.

Its pumpkin time!

Fall is here and its time to hit your local pumpkin patch and prepare to carve some pumpkins. Or you can skip the mess of carving, and implement these very creative non-carving methods that are unique and simple to do. Below you’ll find some awesome ideas for DIY pumpkin designing that are perfect to work on with family or friends or even by yourself and customize to your very own tastes.

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Dressup a pumpkin!

Dont just think about painting your pumpkin, think about clothing your pumpkin. Choose a white pumpkin, or paint it white first, then take a large pair of black stockings, cutting off the legs. Then put the pumpkin in one of the legs. You can then paint the stem whatever color you want.

Covered in colorful yarn

This is very cool and unique. Put some glue on the pumpkin first, then take some colored yarn and wrap it all around the pumpkin. Here are more instructions. See the full steps for this project.

Surround a gourd with washi tape!

This works great for gourds and is very simple. Just take some washi tape and start wrapping and decorating your gourd to your liking.

Glitter goes a long way

This will really stand out. Take some decoupage or glue and spread it around the pumpkin. Then sprinkle glitter onto the pumpkin.

Backyard pumpkin display

Acement planter can be used year round and it’s perfect for fall to display a collection of pumpkins. Add tea light candles for a soft glow.

Painted pumpkins!

Take cement blocks and place your pumpkins on the outside, while inside the blocks, light up tea candles to illuminate.

Add more sparkle!

You can paint your pumpkin, then glue some sparkles to it, and even add an object like a spider!

Transform your pumpkin with metallic silver paint!

You can easily create some stand out pumpkins by simply spray painting them with a silver metallic color.

Or go for the golden pumpkin!

You can also use a gold metallic spray paint on pumpkins. These work great for displaying inside the home as well.

Decoupage for fall leaves

Take some fall leaves and decoupage the back of them, and apply to the pumpkin. Here are directions. See the stepshere.

Can’tmess up this design!

Simply paint your pumpkin, then make a design with chalk and if you dont like it you can always erase it and start over.

Show off smaller pumpkins

Put small pumpkins or gourds on display with old candleholders. If you have a mix of candleholders, you can paint them to match. You can also paint your pumpkins to be color-coordinated with any room!

Spell out fall!

You can uniquely show off your painted pumpkins by displaying them on candle holders. Very cool!
Spelling Pumpkins!

You can creatively spell out letters on your pumpkins using various objects. Antique keys are being used here and secured with heavy pins.

Perfect cozy home idea

A pumpkin covered in a crochet doily looks great in a comfyroom. Learn how easy it is to make thishere.

Turn your pumpkin into awork of art!

All you need is a black marker and Halloween-themed stencils to draw directly on a pumpkin.

Glow-in-the dark!

Just apply glow in the dark paint and you have an amazing looking pumpkin that lights up at night.
Heres directions. pumpkin.

As you see, you dont have to make a big mess when it comes to decorating your pumpkins. These no-carve methods are ideal for people who dont want to use knives to decorate their pumpkins, and some of these actually turn out much more unique looking than if they were carved!

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