Homeless Shelter Receives Bags Of Crocheted Scarves, Then Realize They’re From A 12-Year-Old

Jaheir Moore, from Jersey City, New Jersey, is just 12 years old, but already has helped more than most of us have in a lifetime. One day, this adorable little boy started watching YouTube videos of crocheting, taught himself through that, and started piling up scarves and gloves.

He realized that he had nothing to do with all of the beautiful and warm creations that he was making, so he thought, “Why not give it all to someone else?”

Well, that’s exactly what he started doing. From giving scarves and gloves to homeless shelters to giving blankets to hospitals for the babies, this young man has turned his hobby into a great act of kindness.

He wants to be a designer one day, andRachael Ray was sure to help make that dream come true.

When he comes on her show, she showcases the good deeds he’s doing, the passion he has for his creations, and all of the success she believes is coming in his future.

Her friends at Jo-Ann’s craft stores sent a card for $5,000, so now he can help keep even more people warmand has many more possibilities for his fashion show coming up in February.

Can you imagine what he’ll do by age 20if he’s already done so much before he hit his teen years?

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