Boy Has 3 Open-Heart Surgeries Before Hes 2 Years Old, Then Grandma Steps In To Help

When Valois Hounsel’s grandson was born, he was diagnosed with heart disease. He had three open-heart surgeries before he even reached the age of 2. But today, he’s a healthy and thriving 5-year-old.

However, that doesn’t mean Valois was going to forget about the struggle and journey they had all been through as a family.

No one can prepare for their baby being born with heart disease or heart defects. So to help give comfort to moms who are faced with this news when their babies are born, she decided to start crocheting.

She and loving volunteers who understand these struggles crochettiny red hats for babies in need. The movement, named Tiny Hats, Big Hearts, isn’t only helping those struggling with their babies, though.

Women like Sheba Mitchell are volunteering in memory of their loved ones who’ve passed due to heart disease. Her mother and her grandmother both passed because of heart disease and she doesn’t want anyone to ever feel alone in the struggle heart disease.

This great initiative is all done from the heart and it’s helping those who need it most.

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