5 things for Monday, February 27, 2017: Oscars, North Korea, White House

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1. The Academy Awards

If you fell asleep during last night’s Oscar as it droned on and on, you missed one heckuva twist ending:
    — The winner of Best Picture was ‘La La Land‘ … until it wasn’t! AnnouncerWarren Beatty pulled a Steve Harvey– and hisreason for the flub just added to the intrigue.



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    Award-worthy bad
    Razzie voters went political this year, bestowing “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party” with not just worst picture, but also worst actor, director and actress (for the unnamed person who played Clinton).
    You get a ride, and you get a ride
    You can keep your cars, Oprah. Ellen just gave 42 high-schoolers college scholarships.
    Rise and fall
    $6 billion: What LivingSocial was valued, at its height
    Nothing but a number
    At this school, the average age of a student is 75.
    To comfort and calm
    The preemies at this UK hospital’s NICU unit have an unlikely companion — colorful, crocheted octopi.

    And finally …

    It’s called acting, dear boy
    The bike crash was meh. But this little boy, no doubt a future Best Actor contender, knows how to sell it. (Click to view)

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