15 Things You Could Count On Seeing At Grandmas House When You Were A Kid

Every time I think back on visiting my grandma’s house,my senses are instantly flooded with the pleasant smells that camefrom herhome often a mixture of her famous stew and the fire burning from the heating stove in the middle of the front room.

That was just one of the many things I knew I could count on when walking through her door. While every grandmother is obviously unique to herfamily, there are some things that seem to be universal when it comes to their homes.

Do you remember something special you always knew you’d find waiting for you at your grandma’s house, or something you keep on display for your own grandkids today?

Take a look at just a few of the staples we remember fondly below, and let us know in the comments if we missed your favoritenostalgic item.

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1. Cookie Jar That’s Never Empty


My grandma’s specialty was always delicious chocolate no-bake cookies. But even grandmothers who filledthe jarup with yummy store-bought options knew it was essential that kids got all sugared up before heading home to their parents!

2. Decades-Old TV


The reception might be a little fuzzy and you might have to turntwo or three different dials to find the right channel, but it’s also a charming reminder of simpler times.

3. Decorative Baking Molds


Usually bronze or gold, these were never to be used for actual cooking. However, they definitely added a quaint aesthetic to the kitchen.

4. Sweet Inspirational Quotes


Whether it’s cross-stitched on a pillow or painted onto porcelain decor, you could likely find more than a few of these uplifting quotessurrounding you in grandma’s home.

5. Your Artwork


You probably don’t even remember when you drew the picture or colored a specific page in a coloring book, but she still has it proudly on display.

6. Landline Telephone


I loved seeing the old rotary phone my grandma had hanging in her kitchen and would have to be shooed away from accidentally calling random numbers when I tried to play with it.

7. Vintage Board Games


Instead of relying on gadgets or the television,you could always bust out some of the old games your parents loved playing when they were your age.

8. Thick Crocheted Blankets


She’s probably also donated quite a few of these handmade blankets to your own home, and they’re still the best way to stay cozy and warm.

9. Photos Of All Your Loved Ones


All of the awkward school photos and casual family snapshots cover the walls, fill up albums, and stand on any blank surfaces to show off the good genes to guests.

10. Tons Of Canned Goods


After surviving through hardships like war and possibly even the Great Depression, they know to always be prepared for any emergency situation with an ampleamount of non-perishables.

11. Stacks Of Newspapers


My grandma kept these handy to use as kindlingor packing material after she read all the obituaries and updated us on who had passed away in the neighborhood each week, of course.

12. Toilet Paper Dolls


You have to admit, this is a pretty creative way to cover up otherwise unremarkable rolls of toilet paper, if not a tad unsettling to see one staring back at you in the bathroom.

13. Perfume With A Squeezable Atomizer


The liquid inside might be almost as old as your grandmother, but chances are she’ll never remove it from her counter along with other older beauty products from back in the day.

14. Jungle Of House Plants


Perhaps hanging fromthe ceiling inmacram or scattered around in variouspots and old coffee cans, these plants have probably required you to be onwatering duty on more than one occasion.

15. Endless Tchotchkes


I definitely have lost count of all the delightful figurines lining the shelvesin my grandmother’s house.

Did we miss anything you remember about being at grandma’s house? Let us know below, and be sure to SHARE with your friends!

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