11 Vintage Dress Patterns That Will Make You Long For A Simpler Time

As a kid, whenever I would whine about wanting the coolest new fashion trends that also happened to come with a hefty price tag, my motherwould remind me of how she always made her own outfits growing up.

She tried to show me the ropes on her sewing machine too, but I never quite got the hang of it. The best I was ever able to produce was aslightly lop-sided pillow. That’sone of the many reasons I’m impressed by ladies from the past and today who have the knack for whipping up their own beautiful attire, especially when it comes to the beautiful dresses shown below that women have worn over the years.

It’s not only a wonderful trip down fashion memory lane, but it might even inspire you to purchase a few of the patterns yourselfand fire up your old machine for a nostalgic new frock.

Take a look and let us know in the comments if you remember crafting dresses like this back in the day.

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Thumbnail source: Flickr

1. Historically Accurate 1840s Dress


This time traveling pattern is actually from the 1970s, but promises authenticity for the mid-1800s.

2. 1920s Dress


Straight from the swinging jazz era, this pattern included the relatively new“deltor” or delineator, a more detailed instruction sheet.

3. 1930s “Anniversary Pattern” Dress


I’m not sure which anniversary the title of this design refers to given that Simplicitygot their start in 1927, definitely not 60 years before this was issued in the ’30s, but the swooping sleeves are certainly delightful.

4. 1940s Misses Dress


The high shoulders and streamlined design of these classic frocks were offered from McCall’s back before they added the “s” to their name.

5. 1940s Peasant Dress


This frillier style also became popular in the ’40s,specifically in 1945 for this particular pattern.

6. 1950s Swing Dress


These elegant yet casual dresses were all one piece with detachable collars and cuffs.

7. 1950s Beach Coat Dress


Modesty was all the rage in the quaint decade, of course, so remaining covered up even while enjoying a day at the beach was important.

8. 1960s Mod Dress


Before the hippie movement totally took over the colorful decade, London designersgave rise to this “mod” look with geometric patterns and color blocked fabric.

9. 1960s Hooded Dress


Another quirky pattern from the ’60s shows how creative fashion was becoming after the more stiff and starched fare from the ’50s.

10. 1970s Crocheted Dress


Crochet patterns were popular in the 1940s as well, but the’70stook it to a whole new level with every knit accessory imaginable.

11. 1970s Wedding Dress


These seem like they were perhaps inspired by the styles ofLittle House on the Prairie, but the collar on that bridal gown is one hundred percent 1970s.

Do you remember using these patterns back in the day? Or are you still cranking them out from your sewing machine? Let us know below and be sure to SHARE with your friends!

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